Best Stethoscope Covers for Pediatric Nurses

A basic and essential tool for groups and individuals in the medical sector, the stethoscope has always been and will probably always be an item perceived as a symbol relating to or representative of medical professionals, particularly doctors and nurses.

As added protection and decoration to your stethoscope, stethoscope covers are an accessory that can provide nurses with personalization to differentiate stethoscope ownership among colleagues and in some forms provide additional protection to the device, the nurse, and the patient. Particularly for pediatric nurses, stethoscope covers can also serve as an additional tool in dealing with and easing the fear and anxiety of pediatric patients.

For some options, you might want to check out and explore the following stethoscope covers, which are all available online, all for $25 or less.

Pedia Pals Plush Stethoscope Covers

Since 1998, Pedia Pals has been a company and manufacturer known to produce and provide pediatric medical supplies usually incorporating animals into the product designs. For stethoscope covers, Pedia Pals provides medical professionals with four plush animal designs: the Dalmatian, the dinosaur, the lion and the tiger.

Priced at less than $25 (depending on where the item is for sale online and whether or not it is used or new), this stethoscope design provides nurses, especially those who work more with children, with a cover that has been argued to reduce anxiety and fear in pediatric patients through the design.


  • Item is safe for machine washing
  • Product is made of soft but durable plush material
  • Fits standard stethoscopes
  • Easy to put on and easy to remove
  • Approved by Children’s Hospitals
  • Riveted eyes and nose on design exceed child safety standards
  • Can be customized
  • Comes in various plush animal designs
  • Latex-free and aids in protecting tubing from harmful skin oil


  • Since this design is plush and has parts similar to that of a stuffed animal, the head or limbs of the animal used for the design can sometimes get in the way of using the stethoscope
  • Design is sometimes argued to be a contamination risk

Simplicity Creative Patterns 1730 Stethoscope Covers

Stethoscope covers from Simplicity are plush and simulate a small animal stuffed toy. Perfect for pediatric patients due to its appealing and child-friendly design, this cover is priced at almost $25 without the shipping fee.


  • Instructions for the product come in three languages: English, French, and Spanish
  • Comes in multiple animal designs that are plush and 3D in appearance
  • You can opt to choose between used and new items online


  • A little pricey compared to other stethoscope covers
  • Sold as the sewing pattern or guide to the end product, so you will have to do the cutting and sewing yourself

Stethoscope Covers Handmade Variety

Since there aren’t that many providers of stethoscope covers, and with the increase of people interested in and engaged in do-it-yourself (DIY) projects,handmade stethoscope covers are now also available online for around $16 or less. What makes this particular handmade cotton scrunchie stethoscope cover a standout from other handmade covers with prints is the pattern for breast cancer awareness (pink with stripes, hearts, and pink advocacy ribbons).

According to the United States Department of Labor, 92.1% of nurses in 2003 are female. Thus, the design of this cover that promotes the advocacy of breast cancer is very much appropriate and relevant for this sect of professionals regardless of being a pediatric nurse or not.


  • Material used for the product is comfortable since it is made with 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Comes with an elastic bottom for the head of the stethoscope and a reinforced snap to hold it up
  • Aids in promoting breast cancer awareness
  • Customizable
  • Cheaper than branded stethoscope covers


  • Scrunchie and snap design can eventually become loose
  • Fabric is thinner and simpler compared to other, more complex designs

Core Shieldz Disposable Protective Stethoscope Barrier – Dispenser + 500 Shieldz

Stethoscope covers don’t only come for the body or the rubber tubing part of the stethoscope. One crucial or main part of the stethoscope that comes in contact with patients is its head which is composed of a diaphragm, a bell, or both.

This Core Shieldz Disposable Protective Stethoscope Barrier diaphragm barrier is a thin and easily affixed material that when purchased, comes in 500s and along with a dispenser perfect for health centers or hospitals with many health professionals.


  • Disposable and affordable
  • Easy to put on and easy to dispose of
  • Adheres to stethoscope diaphragm but will not adhere to patient’s clothing
  • Reduces the need to clean the stethoscope diaphragm in between different patients
  • Designed to keep stethoscope diaphragm protected from microorganisms
  • Comes with a cover dispenser that can be laced on a table or affixed to a wall


  • Requires constant replacing
  • Can require or use a lot of the material especially when there is a large volume of patients

 Allheart Stethoscope Diaphragm Cover 20 Pack Multi Colors 20/Pack

Allheart provides nurses and other medical practitioners with a reusable, silicon diaphragm cover that comes in four different colors. This product also comes at a competitive price at around $5 for 20 pieces (five pieces of each color).


  • Comes in four colors and at an affordable price
  • Easy to put on and easy to remove


  • Will still require cleaning since the material is reusable


Stethocap Disposable Stethoscope Covers Box of 200

Stethocap is a manufacturer of innovative medical accessories and devices that help prevent the spreading of infectious diseases. This diaphragm cover is made with hypoallergenic and latex free material that can be easily disposed of as ordinary waste.


  • Contours perfectly with the diaphragm to provide excellent acoustics response when using the stethoscope
  • Quick and easy to affix on stethoscope diaphragm
  • Hypo-allergenic and latex free
  • Disposable as ordinary waste
  • Affordable
  • Can be ordered for customizing to promote corporate identity or strengthen marketing message


  • Requires constant replacing
  • Can require or use a lot of the material especially when there is a large volume of patients


Finding the most suitable stethoscope cover for your tastes and the personality of the pediatric patients you deal with will be ultimately up to you. Despite arguments of stethoscope covers being a possible contamination risk, most covers produced nowadays have been developed to prevent and avoid such risks. Thus, the use of such accessories may be seen as an advantage, but make sure that you do take note of these factors (as well as the regulations of the hospital or facility you practice in) when looking at product descriptions.

Check out those mentioned above as well as available online discussions about products to compare and see which would be best for you.

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