If you’re a nurse, you already know you use your watch. . . a lot. If you’re looking for a gift for the nurse in your life, a watch is a great idea. There’s a lot of medical watches out there, but we’re here to save you some time and show you the best watches for nurses out today.

Whether you’re looking for a digital watch, a smartwatch, or just a good old fashioned watch with a second hand, we have you covered.

For nurses, watches are not just for telling time. It is an important tool to help them keep track of their duties as a nurse. The element of time is very important to their job because it is vital in carrying out their daily tasks.

Nurses keep track of their patients’ vitals. They record these to evaluate the health status of their patients further. It also helps to determine some irregularities in the patients’ health. Patients also take medicine. Nurses have to give it to them at the right time periods to ensure patients’ recovery. They also need to record treatments, assessments, and tests.

If you are a nurse or plan to buy a gift for a nurse you know, check out the list of watches we have gathered below. These are what we recommend to be the best watches for you.

1. Best Digital Watch for Nurses

Armitron Sport Women’s 45/7012 Digital Chronograph Watch

If you like simple and classy, this watch is for you. It is small, but not too small that it will be hard to read. This watch will only cost you less than $25.

Key Features:

  • Has a digital display
  • Has a resin band
  • Water resistant up to 330 ft. (100m)
  • 27 mm case
  • Acrylic dial window
  • Features chronograph, dual time zone, and backlight



The case of this round-faced watch is made of resin. It is 27 mm in diameter and 11 mm thick. It displays the seconds, minutes, and hours, as well as the date. This watch has an acrylic dial window. This material will not easily show scratches. The inexpensive plastic will hard and durable enough.

The band is made out of resin and is 14 mm thick. The watch would not look awkward on a person with smaller wrists. The bezel is made out of stainless steel. It does not have added functions because it is stationary.

The movement of the watch is quartz. This means that the vibrations are measured in a piece of quartz, and it is powered by a battery. The watch has a clasp buckle to keep the watch secured around your wrist.

The watch only weighs 2.40 ounces so it will not feel very heavy when you wear it. It is water-resistant for up to 330 ft. so you can use this when you go swimming or even snorkeling. It is not recommended that you use this for diving, though.

It also has a stopwatch, timer, and alarm options if you need them. The dual time zone allows you to set it with one more time zone, which will be perfect for when you travel. You can also set it to military time if that is what you prefer. The watch also lights up in case you need more illumination when it is too dark to see the watch face.


  • Simple and classy design
  • Basic functionalities
  • Comes in 10 different colors
  • Small but readable
  • Easy to clean


  • Color may fade
  • Can’t be used for diving

2. Best Waterproof Digital Watch for Nurses

Casio Men’s W800H-1AV Classic Sports Watch with Black Band

Being a nurse means you have to dedicate a lot of your time to your duties. You do not have much time to spare doing small tasks like removing your watches when you need to wash your hands. You also cannot just opt out of wearing those because it is important for your duties.

This watch from Casio can resist water up to 100 m. It will only cost you less than $15, but it really provides top performance.

Key Features:

  • Water resistant up to 100 m
  • 10-year approximate battery life
  • Has an automatic calendar
  • LED light illuminated
  • Dual time function
  • Has an alarm with snooze

Now let us not confuse the terms waterproof and water resistant. In reality, there is no waterproof watch. There is always a limit for everything, and that includes watches’ ability to resist water. Water resistance is a watch’s ability to withstand water pressure.

This watch from Casio can deal with water splashes, but you can also use it for swimming because it is water resistant for up to 100 meters. This means that water will not easily leak into the watch and create moisture that may interfere with the watch’s functions.

As a nurse, of course, swimming while wearing your watch is not that big of a problem. You can easily remove it if you want. However, during work hours, you may not have that option. When you need to wash your hands, you have to do it as quick as you can to go about your duties immediately.

Another great feature of this watch is that it is designed to last you a long time. The approximate battery life is 10 years. For its price, if you manage to make it last that long, then you really did have a good deal. The auto calendar has also already been programmed until the year 2099.

You can also set this watch for an alarm to wake you up in the morning or to alert you for specific time periods. If you need extra illumination, a backlit display is possible and easily readable. It also has very responsive buttons.


  • Highly water resistant
  • Classic design
  • Top performance considering the price
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Has dual time zone function


  • Some bands may be too tight
  • No countdown timer

3. Best Watch for Nurses with a Second Hand

Speidel Scrub Watch for Medical Professionals

Most of the time, nurses are tasked to track and record a patient’s heart and breathing rates, and they will not always have access to a vitals machine. For this reason, an own watch with a second hand is very important. Of course, a clock can be used, but unlike your watch, it will not always be available.

To accurately record charts, assessments, and tests, you will need a watch with a second hand. The Speidel Scrub watch is a great option for this. This watch will cost you less than $50. It may be on the pricier side, but it does perform well. It is easy to read, durable, and also comfortable to wear.

Key Features:

  • Easy to read dial with big numbers
  • Has a bright red second hand
  • Bands match the colors of scrubs
  • Easy to clean silicone strap

Just by the name itself, it is marketed towards medical professionals. If your job demands a lot of your time, but you still want to be as fashionable as you can, this watch is for you. It has many colors you can choose from to match the color of the scrubs you wear. A time-consuming job does not have to mean you use something functional when you have the option to be fashionable.

Unlike a digital or a smartwatch, this analog watch does not offer many different functions. It is pretty basic. The dial is easy enough to read. 12 and 24-hour markers are displayed on a white dial. Taking and recording vitals will be easy with the red second hand. It also has a 3-hand quartz movement.

The band can fit wrist sizes from 6.7 in. (169 mm) to 8.3 in. (210 mm). The silicone bands offer five different colors. You can also choose white leather or stainless-steel silver if that is what you prefer. The silicone bands are easier to clean in case your watch gets dirty.

If you are not happy with your purchase, the manufacturer guarantees a 100% refund or replacement. You can choose any of the two within 30 days of your purchase. The watch is also covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Simple and easy to read
  • Water-resistant
  • Visible second hand
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty


  • Basic analog functions
  • Does not have a glow feature

4. Best Smartwatch for Nurses

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

A nurse’s job is to provide healthcare for others. They keep track of their vitals, they ensure that they take medicines on time, they perform tests to determine other’s health problems and many more. However, just because they need to look after others does not mean they can simply ignore their health.

The Fitbit Blaze is perfect for keeping track of your patients’ health as well as the owner’s health too. This watch will cost you a lot. It is priced at less than $160. Well, it is a smartwatch after all. They tend to cost more than regular analog or digital watches.

Key Features:

  • Records workouts and sports activities
  • Tracks your steps
  • Tracks calories you burned
  • Features messaging and call functions
  • Automatic brightness setting
  • Automatic display activation

For taking other people’s pulses, you can use the Fitbit Blaze by choosing the analog clock display. It will show you the time with a second hand. The chronograph display of this watch has both analog and digital so choose whichever you like. If you are more tech-savvy and prefer technologically advanced gadgets, this watch is for you.

When your Fitbit Blaze gets wet, the manufacturer advises to wipe it clean and dry it off before wearing it again. Only use a small amount of rubbing alcohol when cleaning the watch. This is to prevent skin irritations. As this watch is mostly intended for fitness, it will get sweaty when you use it while exercising.

If you want to avoid skin irritations on your wrist completely, the Blaze unit can fit in square fob watch straps. This will allow you to keep the watch close without skin contact.

The watch is rechargeable, and the battery can last up to 5 days depending on its usage. It charges fast for maybe more than 30 minutes. It is highly functional too. You can call, text, or receive calendar alerts. You can choose from many different clock faces. You can even control your music using the watch.

The watch automatically turns on when it detects that you moved your wrist to view it. It also automatically adjusts the brightness setting. You will not have to adjust every time you are under different lighting manually.


  • Cheap in comparison with other known smartwatch brands
  • Battery lasts long
  • Tracks your daily activities
  • Fast charging
  • Water-resistant


  • The face may get easily scratched
  • Needs to be removed from the frame when charging

5. Best Watch for Nurses with Military Time

Prestige Medical Glow-face Watch

Military time is what facilities use when recording time on their data sheets. This is necessary because it accurately records the exact time of important happenings. Not all handwriting is neat, so to avoid confusing am and pm, military time is better to use.

The Prestige Medical Glow-face features military time.  The dial glows in the dark too. This will help nurses make correct records of their patients’ health, their interactions, and effective communication with their colleagues who will be reading the records. This watch will cost you less than $31. This is definitely a good deal.

Key Features:

  • Has 24-hour time
  • Glow-in-the-dark dial
  • Has chrome case
  • The lens is made of glass
  • Small face

From your nursing school days, you may have started using military time, so you are probably used to it if you are now licensed. This watch will make it easier for you to do your job. Most facilities usually use military time so that will not be a problem.

This watch from Prestige has an easy to read dial. It glows in the dark, so it has better visibility in dimmer lighting. Most analog watches do not have extra lighting capabilities, so the glow-in-the-dark feature is a plus.

The dial is white with red and black numbers so it can be easily read. The face is pretty standard in diameter, not too small or big. However, if you find it difficult to read small watch faces, then a bigger watch is a better option for you.

The band is made of leather and is easy to clean. You will not have problems maintaining cleanliness, which is very important as a nurse. The length of the band will not be able to accommodate bigger wrists, unfortunately. This is more suited for those with smaller wrists.

The watch is water resistant, so you do not have to worry about it getting splashed. It is very simplistic and clean-looking in its design. You still have the option to replace the band if you want a different one.


  • Simple design
  • Easy to read
  • Highly visible dial
  • Easy to clean
  • Water resistant


  • Does not fit bigger wrists
  • The glass may be prone to breaking

6. Best Watch for Nursing Students

Casio Women’s LRW200H-7BVCF Watch

As a nursing student, you may want to start familiarizing yourself with military time. Since most facilities use it, it will not be hard for you to adjust when you get a job. It is good to practice it no while you are still a student. It will make you a more professional and accurate nurse in the future.

This watch from Casio is very basic. It has regular watch functionalities you will find in most watches. This watch will only cost you less than $20. It is affordable, and thousands of people have liked it.

Key Features:

  • Water-resistant up to 100 m
  • Has a bi-directional bezel
  • Uses 24-hour time
  • Japanese quartz movement

The watch face is really easy to read. It is on a white background with pastel-toned 12-hour numbers and black smaller 24-hour numbers. While still a student, it is better to get used to military time now than to have difficulties in the future. Since most, if not all, facilities still use it, it will be easier for you to record activities accurately.

The case of the watch is made out of resin. It is 33 mm in diameter and 12 mm thick. The band is also made out of resin and 14 mm in width. The length of the band is standard to fit most women. Therefore, people with thicker wrists might try looking for watches with longer bands.

The watch has a bi-directional bezel that is made of plastic. The bezel can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. This bezel contains markers, numbers, and directional markers should you need those.

This one is very light at only 2.88 ounces. It has a Japanese quartz movement and is water-resistant up to 100 m. The design looks professional. It is clean and easy on the eyes. Casio does not disappoint.


  • Simple and professional-looking design
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • Easy to read


  • Not to be used for diving
  • The date may be hard to see

Your Go To Buyer’s Guide for Finding the Best Nursing Watch for You

As a nurse, a watch is an important piece. It is part of their uniform. It is not optional. It is not just an accessory or a choice of a fashion statement for the day. It plays an important role in the day-to-day- activities. With so many options out there, choosing what the best one is can get confusing. If you are still unsure of the suggestions above, here are some things to keep in mind when you go shopping.


Military Time Format

In most facilities, they use military time format when they record important happenings. This is to avoid confusion between am and pm. This is also to make sure that all records are accurate to make sure that everyone who reads the files will not be confused or mistaken. When dealing with the health of others, it is not okay to assume things.


Has a Second Hand

Nurses check the vitals of their patients. In order to record these, they need to count it by the seconds. If the watch only has a minute and an hour hand, it will not be possible. It is either they use an available wall clock or use a different watch.

In smartwatches, there is an option where you can choose the clock face, so it shows one that has a second hand. You can choose that face whenever on duty and change it again after your shift.



Since nurses, do not have the spare time to remove and wear watches every time they have to deal with liquids, it is best to get a water-resistant watch. This is to protect the watch from malfunctioning because water has leaked into its inner windings. You may find cheap watches that are easy to replace but why bother having to replace it again and again when you can have a decent watch that will withstand liquids better.


The Material

Cleanliness is important to nurses. When you buy a watch, make sure that the material is easy to clean. You cannot risk germs that may contaminate your patients’ environment. Keeping the work area and yourself sanitary is a good way to avoid viruses or bacteria from causing any more problems to yourself or your patients.


Replaceable and Comfortable Band

The shifts can be long, so you have to wear a watch with a band that is comfortable for you. Quality band material should be what you look for. Make sure that you are not allergic to the material, so it does not cause any irritations on your skin.

It is also a good choice if you pick one that has bands that can be replaceable. Either for the cleanliness or the design, it is always good to know that you have options.


The Size

Nurses already work hard all day, you will want a watch that is not very heavy, so it does not add to the factors that tire you out. Usually, a smaller watch is preferred.


Type of Watch

Most watches are worn around your wrist, but there are ones, which you can wear around your neck or clip on to your lapels. Some prefer them around the wrist for its convenience, while some are more concerned about germ control. You have to check with the regulations of the facility first and then your comfort and preference.



Being a nurse, it is not smart to spend thousands on a watch that you will use for work. It is just not practical. There are many watches out there that are more affordable that can deliver top performance. Always consider your budget, do not over or underspend.



Nurses wear watches not just for an added touch to their fashion. It is a useful little tool to help them with their daily work activities. If you are one, then you already know this. If you happen to know a nurse and plan to give something, then you have come to the right article.

The recommended ones above are guaranteed to become useful to you or your friend. It will absolutely not just be on display. Hopefully, this guide has helped you have an idea of what to buy. Among thousands of choices, this list gives you a small number of options you can choose from.


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A basic and essential tool for groups and individuals in the medical sector, the stethoscope has always been and will probably always be an item perceived as a symbol relating to or representative of medical professionals, particularly doctors and nurses.

As added protection and decoration to your stethoscope, stethoscope covers are an accessory that can provide nurses with personalization to differentiate stethoscope ownership among colleagues and in some forms provide additional protection to the device, the nurse, and the patient. Particularly for pediatric nurses, stethoscope covers can also serve as an additional tool in dealing with and easing the fear and anxiety of pediatric patients.

For some options, you might want to check out and explore the following stethoscope covers, which are all available online, all for $25 or less.

Pedia Pals Plush Stethoscope Covers

Since 1998, Pedia Pals has been a company and manufacturer known to produce and provide pediatric medical supplies usually incorporating animals into the product designs. For stethoscope covers, Pedia Pals provides medical professionals with four plush animal designs: the Dalmatian, the dinosaur, the lion and the tiger.

Priced at less than $25 (depending on where the item is for sale online and whether or not it is used or new), this stethoscope design provides nurses, especially those who work more with children, with a cover that has been argued to reduce anxiety and fear in pediatric patients through the design.


  • Item is safe for machine washing
  • Product is made of soft but durable plush material
  • Fits standard stethoscopes
  • Easy to put on and easy to remove
  • Approved by Children’s Hospitals
  • Riveted eyes and nose on design exceed child safety standards
  • Can be customized
  • Comes in various plush animal designs
  • Latex-free and aids in protecting tubing from harmful skin oil


  • Since this design is plush and has parts similar to that of a stuffed animal, the head or limbs of the animal used for the design can sometimes get in the way of using the stethoscope
  • Design is sometimes argued to be a contamination risk

Simplicity Creative Patterns 1730 Stethoscope Covers

Stethoscope covers from Simplicity are plush and simulate a small animal stuffed toy. Perfect for pediatric patients due to its appealing and child-friendly design, this cover is priced at almost $25 without the shipping fee.


  • Instructions for the product come in three languages: English, French, and Spanish
  • Comes in multiple animal designs that are plush and 3D in appearance
  • You can opt to choose between used and new items online


  • A little pricey compared to other stethoscope covers
  • Sold as the sewing pattern or guide to the end product, so you will have to do the cutting and sewing yourself

Stethoscope Covers Handmade Variety

Since there aren’t that many providers of stethoscope covers, and with the increase of people interested in and engaged in do-it-yourself (DIY) projects,handmade stethoscope covers are now also available online for around $16 or less. What makes this particular handmade cotton scrunchie stethoscope cover a standout from other handmade covers with prints is the pattern for breast cancer awareness (pink with stripes, hearts, and pink advocacy ribbons).

According to the United States Department of Labor, 92.1% of nurses in 2003 are female. Thus, the design of this cover that promotes the advocacy of breast cancer is very much appropriate and relevant for this sect of professionals regardless of being a pediatric nurse or not.


  • Material used for the product is comfortable since it is made with 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Comes with an elastic bottom for the head of the stethoscope and a reinforced snap to hold it up
  • Aids in promoting breast cancer awareness
  • Customizable
  • Cheaper than branded stethoscope covers


  • Scrunchie and snap design can eventually become loose
  • Fabric is thinner and simpler compared to other, more complex designs

Core Shieldz Disposable Protective Stethoscope Barrier – Dispenser + 500 Shieldz

Stethoscope covers don’t only come for the body or the rubber tubing part of the stethoscope. One crucial or main part of the stethoscope that comes in contact with patients is its head which is composed of a diaphragm, a bell, or both.

This Core Shieldz Disposable Protective Stethoscope Barrier diaphragm barrier is a thin and easily affixed material that when purchased, comes in 500s and along with a dispenser perfect for health centers or hospitals with many health professionals.


  • Disposable and affordable
  • Easy to put on and easy to dispose of
  • Adheres to stethoscope diaphragm but will not adhere to patient’s clothing
  • Reduces the need to clean the stethoscope diaphragm in between different patients
  • Designed to keep stethoscope diaphragm protected from microorganisms
  • Comes with a cover dispenser that can be laced on a table or affixed to a wall


  • Requires constant replacing
  • Can require or use a lot of the material especially when there is a large volume of patients

 Allheart Stethoscope Diaphragm Cover 20 Pack Multi Colors 20/Pack

Allheart provides nurses and other medical practitioners with a reusable, silicon diaphragm cover that comes in four different colors. This product also comes at a competitive price at around $5 for 20 pieces (five pieces of each color).


  • Comes in four colors and at an affordable price
  • Easy to put on and easy to remove


  • Will still require cleaning since the material is reusable


Stethocap Disposable Stethoscope Covers Box of 200

Stethocap is a manufacturer of innovative medical accessories and devices that help prevent the spreading of infectious diseases. This diaphragm cover is made with hypoallergenic and latex free material that can be easily disposed of as ordinary waste.


  • Contours perfectly with the diaphragm to provide excellent acoustics response when using the stethoscope
  • Quick and easy to affix on stethoscope diaphragm
  • Hypo-allergenic and latex free
  • Disposable as ordinary waste
  • Affordable
  • Can be ordered for customizing to promote corporate identity or strengthen marketing message


  • Requires constant replacing
  • Can require or use a lot of the material especially when there is a large volume of patients


Finding the most suitable stethoscope cover for your tastes and the personality of the pediatric patients you deal with will be ultimately up to you. Despite arguments of stethoscope covers being a possible contamination risk, most covers produced nowadays have been developed to prevent and avoid such risks. Thus, the use of such accessories may be seen as an advantage, but make sure that you do take note of these factors (as well as the regulations of the hospital or facility you practice in) when looking at product descriptions.

Check out those mentioned above as well as available online discussions about products to compare and see which would be best for you.

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Do you know someone who is about to become a nurse? If yes, there are many great options for gifts you can give to congratulate them on their achievement. Nurses help take care of our health and well-being so giving a little something would be a small thing to do for them.

Show you care for them the same way they care for others for simply wanting to become a nurse. Here are some of the best nurse graduation gifts you can give for the nurse-to-be.


JAS Glow-in-the-Dark Unisex Belt Fob Watch

JAS Glow-in-the-Dark Fob Watches are an important part of a nurse’s uniform. It is what they use to track and record a patient’s vitals, give medication on time, and accurately record documentation.

This watch’s dial is easy to read, even at night. It shows 24-hour military time with an analog quartz movement and covered with fortified crystal. This watch costs less than $18.


  • Can be attached to stethoscope
  • Helpful in a nurse’s everyday work
  • Easy to read


  • Maybe a bit heavy
  • Doesn’t come with an extra battery
  • Difficult to change the battery


WhiteCoat Clipboard

This nursing edition clipboard from WhiteCoat is another one of the best nurse graduation gifts you can buy. This has nursing references like acid-base determination, pain scale, and so much more. This clipboard costs less than $32.

Nurses need clipboards to hold their patient’s documents. This one is made of lightweight aluminum with a powder-coated finish. This is able to carry 15 pieces of paper without creasing those.


  • Front and back reference labels
  • Fits in scrub shirt pockets
  • Easy to clean with wipes


  • Easy to peel off sticker labels
  • Metal will rust after some time
  • Stickers have average quality print and air bubbles


America Diagnostic ADC 1024 Nurse/Physician Medical Bag

A decent medical bag will hold all the necessities a nurse will need for work. This bag from America diagnostics has been loved by many because of its durable construction and portable design. This will cost you around $40.

This bag has a heavy-duty nylon construction with two handles and a shoulder strap. It has multiple pockets and all are padded with foam. It will be able to carry most medical equipment a nurse would need.


  • Strong and durable construction
  • Large capacity design
  • Foam padded multi-pockets


  • Some customers prefer it to be bigger
  • Zipper pockets do not open flat for easy cleaning
  • All black lining makes it difficult to see the interior pockets


PhoneSoap 3

For nurses, it is crucial that they are always clean. They cannot afford to transfer germs and bacteria to their sick patients. Our phones are like a goldmine of those germs that is why the PhoneSoap 3 is a great gift for graduating nurses, and it only costs less than $50.

The PhoneSoap 3 has bacteria-killing technology that uses UV light to eliminate bacteria and sanitize the phone. It can also double function as a charger so you can sanitize and charge at the same time. You can even use it for other items like smartwatches, credit cards, and other things that can fit inside.


  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria
  • Phone sanitizer and charger
  • Has two charging ports


  • Cannot fit tablets
  • Creates an odor after use
  • No on/off switch


3M Littman Classic III Stethoscope

If you want to give that graduating nurse you know something she will definitely use, you will not wrong with a Littman stethoscope. This costs around $80, but it would surely be worth the price since it will be used almost every day.

This stethoscope has a high acoustic sensitivity and dual tunable diaphragms. This is easy to clean and has better resistance to skin oil and alcohol. This does not have phthalate plasticizers to be consistent with maintaining cleanliness.


  • Available in many colors
  • Soft-sealing easily-adjustable ear tips
  • Backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Stains easy
  • Expensive compared to other stethoscopes
  • Flimsy bell cover


Caseling Hard Case

If the future nurse already has a stethoscope, a case to keep it safe would not hurt. This costs less than $14 and can fit most stethoscopes like the 3M Littman, MDF & ADC stethoscope and others. Caseling Hard Case is made to be safe and durable.

The stylish and durable case is waterproof and shockproof for optimum safety for a stethoscope. There is also an interior mesh pocket and penlight holder. It can be taken everywhere because it wraps around the wrist.


  • Fits most stethoscopes
  • Good lightweight material
  • Has extra pockets


  • Has a strong chemical smell
  • Not a lot of color options
  • Bulky for some customers


Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Nurse Graduation Gifts


For Personal or Professional Use?

A gift is a gift no matter what. When buying a gift for a graduating nurse, determine first if what you want is something she can use as a personal item. Alternatively, you can also give something that they can use at work like a watch or a stethoscope.

If you truly care about someone, a gift is a sweet and simple gesture to show how much a person means to you. Giving someone something that they can use for work shows you are proud and excited about the career he or she is taking.


The Nurse’s Preferences

A gift can show how much you know about the person you are buying for. What are their favorite colors? Will these fit them? Will this be enough? Get to know a little bit more about that person so it will be easier to decide on which gift to get.



It’s graduation season again, and it is time to welcome graduates into the adult world. A nurse’s job description is to check vitals, administer medicine, or assist doctors. But, more than that, they show care and compassion to the sick patients, sometimes even more than a family does.

Nothing says nurse like a good Littman Stethoscope, and above, we have recommended the most recent version of their stethoscopes.  The 3M Littman Classic III Stethoscope will aide your nurse friend in doing what they do best.


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Nurses bring hope, comfort, and compassion during some of the most stressful times of our lives, so it is only natural to give the nurse in your life a high-quality gift such as sterling silver jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry is durable, hypoallergenic, easy to maintain and come with endless choices in terms of design.

Read on as we list the best sterling silver nurse jewelry so you can make an informed decision on which one to get.


Medical Jewelry Stethoscope with Personalized Heart Charm Cardiology Necklace

This necklace is made of high-quality sterling silver that has a heart and stethoscope pendant. The heart pendant can be engraved with the initial letter of your choice.


  • 925 sterling silver
  • Stethoscope and heart pendant
  • Customizable pendant


  • Slightly high priced



Bling Jewelry Nurse Caduceus Dangle Bead Charm 925 Sterling Silver

This bead charm is safe on the skin because it is copper and allergy free. It is covered by a money-back guarantee and comes with a pouch that makes it ready for gift giving.


  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • 100% safe for sensitive skin
  • Free elegant black velvet pouch


  • The letter N gets bent easily



RN Registered Nurse Stethoscope Heart Necklace

This shiny sterling silver necklace has a stethoscope and heart pendant that is strong and durable. It comes with a velvet pouch that makes it a good gift idea.


  • 18K sterling silver plated alloy pendant
  • Strong necklace with a three-year free replacement warranty
  • Free black velvet pouch


  • Must be removed when swimming or working out



Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Sterling Silver Nurse Jewelry



Consider your budget as this would narrow down your choices easily. If you want sterling silver jewelry that would last a long time, be prepared to spend a little more. You may also want to check for warranties or after-sales service.



Choose a design that would complement the fashion style of the recipient. If she is into simple and elegant jewelry, do not get ones that have big and heavy pendants. If you want her to wear your gift, give her something she would love to wear every day.



By nature, silver is soft. High-quality sterling silver has a 925 rating which means it is mixed with other metals (usually copper) to increase its functionality and make it harder. Lower than that, you get silver that is bendable and wears quickly due to friction.



The perfect sentimental keepsake for the nurse in your life is sterling silver jewelry. We have listed three of the best sterling silver nurse jewelry, but for us, the Medical Jewelry Stethoscope with a personalized heart charm cardiology necklace is the best in terms of quality, design, and price. At around $41, it is high-priced but is made of high-quality sterling silver, so you are getting your money’s worth.

That special nurse in your life will surely appreciate any of the sterling silver jewelry we mentioned above as these fully convey your appreciation for their passion in their chosen field of profession.


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It’s not easy being a Nurse Practitioner. They worked hard to get where they are so you should not let all those accomplishments go uncelebrated. The nurse practitioner in your life—whether a sister, daughter, or friend—will love a gift of jewelry to show your appreciation.

Here is a list of the best nurse practitioner jewelry that we found for you to check out:


Nurse Practitioner Necklace NP Charm

This necklace is made of hand-polished sterling silver that comes with a pendant that has a gemstone. You can choose which gemstone you want on the pendant: diamonds, rubies, pink sapphires, emeralds, and amethysts.


  • Choice of 14K yellow gold or solid sterling silver
  • Customizable with different types of gemstones
  • Comes in an attractive gift box


  • Expensive



Rembrandt Charms Sterling Silver Nurse Practitioner Charm

This authentic Rembrandt nurse practitioner charm uses 925 sterling silver on a chain that is also made of sterling silver. At around $27, it is high-quality jewelry made by Rembrandt, a reputable manufacturer of handcrafted charms.


  • High-quality sterling silver
  • 16-inch sterling silver curb style chain
  • Affordable


  • Needs regular cleaning



NP Nurse Practitioner Charm Bracelet

This charm bracelet is made of zinc alloy that is silver-plated and has a shiny finish. It comes with five different charms— nurse hat charm, cylinder needle charm, doctor stethoscope charm, Caduceus Medical symbol charm.


  • Silver plated Zinc alloy
  • Five charms included
  • Adjustable bracelet


  • Bracelet seems too thin



Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Nurse Practitioner Jewelry


Your Budget

Of course, the quality of the jewelry you will get depends on how much you are willing to spend. If it is for someone you love or someone close to you, you may want to consider spending a little more to get a higher-quality item. However, there are many options if you have a limited budget, you just need to dig a little deeper to find that gem amidst the duds.


The Recipient’s Style

Choose a jewelry gift that would blend and match the fashion style of the one you are giving it to. Something that would complement her overall look so that she will wear it with pride. There are some instances when nurse practitioners are allowed to wear only a specific type of jewelry, so you have to consider this as well.



Some people are allergic to some types of jewelry, so you need to take this into consideration especially if you do not know the recipient that well. Hypoallergenic jewelry is the way to go if you are unsure.



It may have a slightly higher price tag, but for us, the Nurse Practitioner Necklace NP Charm is the best among the best nurse practitioner jewelry on the market. It has a unique design, and with its the choices of gemstones, this necklace and charm set blew us away.

Hopefully, this short list will help you get an idea if you are planning to give jewelry to your favorite nurse practitioner or even yourself.


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Graduation is a proud moment for the special nurse graduate in your life. It is a milestone for most nurses because this is the start of the real challenges that they were specially trained for. What better way to cap off that glorious occasion is to give the best jewelry you can find. Here’s our picks for the best jewelry for the nurse graduate.

Searching for that perfect gift is simpler than you think. We have compiled a list of the best jewelry for the nurse graduate to guide you in finding the right one. We hope you can find that sentimental keepsake to show your pride in their accomplishments.


Quan Jewelry Medical Nurse Necklace, Infinity Angel Pendant Charm

This simple and elegant necklace has a beautifully handcrafted infinity angel pendant charm. It comes with a greeting card that says, “Nurses are like Angels on Earth.” It is made of stainless steel that does not tarnish or rust.


  • Made of stainless steel
  • It comes at a very affordable price
  • Includes a greeting card made of recycled paper


  • The metal has a cheap feel



Zuo Bao Nurse Gift Live Love Heal Hand Stamped Cuff Bracelet

One of the best jewelry for the burse graduate is the Zuo Bao cuff bracelet. It is made of steel that is lead-free and nickel free, it will not rust, fade color, or tarnish. It a slightly heavy but still comfortable enough to wear every day.


  • Made of hypoallergenic stainless steel
  • Comes in a lovely velvet bag
  • Measures 60 mm, would fit most wrists


  • A little heavy



Graduation Quote Bracelet with Graduate’s Name and Birthstone Personalized Engraved Stainless Steel

This graduation bracelet is personalized with the graduate’s name, birthstone and graduation year. It has beautiful charms that are made of Swarovski crystals, all cast pewter, and stainless steel, one of which has the quote “She believed she could so she did.”


  • Made of 316L hypoallergenic stainless steel
  • Personalized
  • Comes in XS-XXL sizes


  • It takes a longer time to be delivered



ELBLUVF 18K Rose Gold Plated Stainless steel EKG Heartbeat Love Cardiogram Necklace

This necklace uses high-quality stainless steel with gold plating that will not rust, tarnish or easily fade. It has a heartbeat, cardiogram pendant that is perfect for the nurse graduate. It does not come with an extender, but the manufacturer can customize the length for you.


  • Made with plated 316L stainless-steel
  • Comes with three layers of rose-colored gold plating
  • Affordable


  • The chain is slightly short



Nurse Pink Crystal Heart Silver Chain Fashion Bracelet Jewelry

This fashion bracelet is made of steel that is safe for use by those with sensitive skin as it is lead compliant in all 50 states. It has a lovely charm that is adorned with stunning crystals and the word “Nurse” written across it.


  • Comes with a silver-plated heart charm
  • Made of hypoallergenic stainless steel
  • Adorned with pink crystals


  • The band is thick



Sterling Silver Caduceus RN Charm Registered Nurse Pendant

Made of high-polished sterling silver for longer life, this pendant is designed with RN block letters and the caduceus medical alert symbol. It can be used as a necklace pendant or a bracelet charm. It comes in a free special packaging that is ready to be given away as a gift.


  • Made of finely crafted authentic 925 sterling silver
  • Comes with free special packaging
  • Versatile and affordable


  • The size is a bit small



Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Jewelry for the Nurse Graduate



Most nurses are not allowed to wear excessive jewelry when on duty. Even if she will not wear it at work, it is best to give her something that is simple and that she will love to wear every day.



Choose jewelry that will not cause pain or discomfort to the recipient. Hypoallergenic kinds will be safe for those with sensitive skin so you can confidently give them as gifts.



Get jewelry that would be a good remembrance of her achievement. Find something that she would love to wear and would show her how proud you are of this milestone.



Giving a gift that is relevant to the profession the graduate has chosen for herself adds more sentimental value to it. Giving jewelry means you appreciate all her efforts and conveys the pride you have for what she has gained. This list of the best jewelry for the nurse graduate perfectly honors the hard work your nurse graduate has done and gives her the boost she needs to start a new life ahead of her.




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A nurse’s job is demanding and full of everyday challenges. A typical workday could start when it’s still dark outside only to go home after it’s dark again. Making life-and-death decisions for multiple patients happen regularly, so it is imperative for nurses to have a sharp memory and a strong physique to keep doing what is expected of them.

Since we live in an era where technology keeps advancing at a breakneck speed, it is no longer a wonder that the smartwatch was invented. A smartwatch is the smartest replacement for the regular watch and has now become an essential part of a nurse’s uniform. It is now a part of the fundamental nursing uniform along with scrubs, shoes, compression socks, and the stethoscope.

Some hospitals have the “bare below the elbows” rule that prohibits medical staff from wearing watches.

However, the benefits of using a smartwatch outweigh any perceived risks of spreading infection. A stethoscope can be as dirty, if not more, than a wristwatch, and some smartwatches are anti-microbial, and some are water resistant. With all the good things that a smartwatch can do, more nurses are getting into the technology.

A nurse’s job is composed of a thousand and one tasks that having a smartwatch can immensely help them be continually on their toes. Here are ten ways that a smartwatch can make their lives easier at work:

1. The smartwatch can be used as a great notification system for nurses and all the medical staff as well.

By using a smartwatch, they can instantly be alerted and respond accordingly to alerts and patient calls faster. A smartwatch can be a great improvement in the communication system of the whole facility and substantially help the medical staff do a better job and, eventually, improve patient conditions.

Also, a nurse with a smartwatch is always connected and can correspond even while doing other activities. This allows them more quality time with their patients. Nurses spend a huge chunk of their hours trying to find doctors, a time that could have been spent caring for their patients and attending to their needs instead.

2. A smartwatch can provide nurses with real-time vital-sign monitoring, threshold alarms, and to-do reminders.

Some smartwatches can help a nurse take body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, and blood pressure among others. Gone are the days that nurses count respiration and pulse rates manually.

A nurse does not always have access to a vitals machine but is still required to take accurate records of heart and respiration rates, doctor assessments, tests, and many others. This is the reason the smartwatch has become popular even among nursing students.

3. Smartwatches can allow nurses and other medical staff access to critical information with just the flick of a wrist.

Nurses will no longer wait for doctors to be pulled away from their patients or wait for them to be finished with their check-ups to respond to pages or messages. Nurses can now receive instant updates about their patients without having to take out their phones from their pockets. This could mean better communication within the hospital and improved bedside experiences for the patients.

4. Time is of the essence in a nurse’s job.

There are a lot of tasks that require a nurse to have quick and easy access to accurate time. Most hospitals have clocks in every room. However, you will not always have a sight line to a clock so having a smartwatch can be very helpful. Some smartwatches have colored quadrants to help in taking vitals manually.

5. A smartwatch can help improve the accuracy of patient records.

Instead of using pagers, communication within the hospital will be redirected from phone calls to messages. This will result in a solid history of the decisions made by doctors and nurses with regards to a patient’s care.

6. Nurses can easily get an overview of their completed and upcoming tasks with the help of a smartwatch.

It can be very helpful in the flow of their work, thus maximizing their time and energy.

7. Nurses can use their smartwatches to remind them of when to check up on a certain patient and who to give medicines to.

Some smartwatches offer the option to use military time that is ideal for charting and documentation. Some studies prove that reminders and alerts can be helpful for nurses in focusing their attention on time-sensitive tasks.

8. A smartwatch can keep track of a nurse’s activities throughout the day.

They can help them manage their workload and always stay organized. Smartwatches can also help nurses with the delegation of tasks efficiently.

9. It is always nice to have notifications show up on your wrist.

Nurses can easily and quickly check if a call or text is something that is urgent and needs to be responded to or if it can be ignored. Also, some smartwatches let you send texts and set alarms for lab redraws, restarting tube feeding, and other tasks with just your voice. Some have voice support that allows you to reply to SMS or receive calls instantly.

10. Smartwatches monitor not only your patients but you as well.

It will monitor your heart rate, the number of steps you have taken, the distance you covered, the time it took you to cover that distance, and many other statistics. Nurses are the caretakers of everyone around them at the expense of their health, so it is a good idea to keep tabs on your vitals as well. Monitoring your health and applying the necessary enrichment can help you lessen stress and boost your confidence.



There are many more uses that a smartwatch has that can help make the nurse’s life easier at work. Encountering challenges is routine in a nurse’s daily work so is not it time to make it more comfortable for them? A smartwatch can truly make a nurse’s job less complicated and less burdensome, giving them more time and energy to care for their patients.


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Nurses are the heart of our healthcare system, and they make the lives of patients and families so much easier. If you have a special nurse in your life, give them a gift to show how you appreciate all the hard work that they do. Here is a list of the 10 best nurse jewelry gifts to help you choose the perfect token of your love and gratitude for the one that takes care of you.


Nurse’s Prayer Necklace with Pink Border Nurse’s Pendant

This 18-inch nurse’s prayer necklace comes with a pendant, and both are made of stainless steel with the inscription “Lord, Guide My Hands and My Heart as I Care for My Patients Today.”


  • Hypoallergenic stainless steel
  • Pink enamel border
  • Free velvet gift pouch


  • The letters are small



A Nurse’s Heart Charm Bracelet by The Bradford Exchange

Handcrafted using solid sterling silver and comes with charms that include a dangling stethoscope, a medical caduceus symbol, a nurse’s cap, and a dangling angel holding a heart.


  • Sterling silver-plated link bracelet
  • Four symbolic sculpted charms
  • Free jewelry pouch and gift box


  • A bit heavy



iJuqi Nurse Bangle Bracelet

This adjustable nurse bracelet is made of stainless steel that will not rust, will not fade and will not cause allergy. It has caduceus angle and heart nurse cap charms. You can expand it to fit small, medium, and larger wrist sizes.


  • Hypoallergenic stainless steel
  • Adjustable
  • Free jewelry box


  • The box is a bit flimsy



MOL Jewelry Nurse Comfort Kindness Gift Bracelet

Beautifully packaged in a pretty blue box with a poem about nurses written on the bottom. This bracelet has a sterling silver finish that does not rust or tarnish.


  • Sterling silver finish
  • Free gift box
  • Verse card


  • Dirt easily gets in the pendant



CHUYUN Rose Gold Silver Stethoscope Lariat necklace

This 18-inch lariat necklace is made of zinc alloy that requires a little maintenance. At just under $10, it is very affordable but looks very elegant and comes with a lovely gift box.


  • Zinc alloy material
  • Very affordable price
  • Free jewelry box


  • Discolors after long time use



WUSUANED Dainty Heartbeat Stethoscope Cuff Bracelet Gift for Nurse

This cuff bracelet is made of lead-free and nickel-free stainless steel with a rhinestone accent. It comes in a pretty velvet bag that is ready for gifting.


  • Hypoallergenic stainless steel
  • Heartbeat/stethoscope heart charm
  • Free velvet pouch


  • Doesn’t come in a smaller size



SXNK7 Stainless Steel Gold Silver Heartbeat Cardiogram ECG Pendant Stethoscope Chokers Necklace

The heartbeat cardiogram design of the pendant makes this a perfect gift for a nurse. Made of high-quality stainless steel that is very lightweight at just 1.28 ounces.


  • Stainless steel
  • “I Love U” heartbeat cardiogram designed pendant
  • Lightweight


  • Keeps getting tangled



Cufflinks Registered Nurse Symbol

The perfect gift for the male nurse, these cufflinks have a silver-plated base and uses a high-quality rhodium plating as the top layer. Priced at around $25, it comes with a money-back guarantee.


  • Rhodium plated
  • Silver plated base
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee


  • High priced



Polished Stainless Steel Engraved Nurse Prayer Heart Pendant

This pendant has a nurse’s prayer inscription on it and is made of high quality, tarnish-free stainless steel. You can have your name engraved on the back for a customized look.


  • Hypoallergenic stainless steel
  • Lightweight
  • Free jewelry pouch


  • Hard to read words



Myospark Nurse Gift Live Love Heal Bracelet

This bracelet is made of high-quality stainless steel with the inspiring message “Live Love Heal.” It has an adjustable clasp to fit different wrist sizes.


  • Silver or rose gold plated stainless steel
  • Adjustable clasp
  • Free gift box


  • Heavyweight


Factors to Consider When Buying the 10 Best Nurse Jewelry Gifts



Consider the recipient’s fashion style to help you get the perfect gift. If she wears dainty and small jewelry, try to avoid looking at bulky and heavy jewelry designs.



A high-quality jewelry piece is created to last, so even if you have to spend more, choose one that the recipient will wear for a longer period to let her remember your warm gesture and the appreciation of her hard work.



If you are giving jewelry to someone, you know deeply, you know if they are allergic to some type of metal. If you are unsure, it is best to choose hypoallergenic ones, so you will know that it will not cause any discomfort.



Celebrate nursing with the ten best nurse jewelry gifts that we compiled in this article. Giving jewelry gifts to the nurse in your life has never been this easy and simple.




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Most of us wear a watch to tell time, but for medical practitioners, especially nurses, a watch does more for them than tell time. They serve multiple purposes that it has become as essential to them as their scrubs or stethoscopes. It is a must-have tool for them to carry out their daily work-related activities.

Fob watches (also known as medical watches) became the norm for nurses because it is more hygienic than wristwatches. Most hospitals have the “bare below the elbow” rule that prohibits their medical staff to wear jewelry below the elbow. And since time-telling is important to them, a fob watch is the perfect alternative to wristwatches as it does not touch any surface to pick up bacteria or virus.

A fob watch is clipped to the lapel of a nurse’s uniform and worn upside down so the nurse can easily tell time without picking it up. Read on as we list the best nurse fob watches we found on the market today.


VANKER Cross Nurse Clip On Brooch Hanging Pocket Quartz Fob Watch

This round fob watch has a band and case that are made of high-quality alloy metal. It is easy to wear and has a fun and bright look. Although a bit on the heavy side, it has a clip-on design that securely stays on your lapel.


  • Quartz movement
  • Made of alloy
  • Comes in yellow, blue, pink, purple, white


  • A bit heavy



Lancardo Silicon Nurses Lapel Pin-on Brooch Fob Watch

A fob watch that has a quirky and colorful design, actually, all ten of them. They are easy to clean and resistant to splashes of water. It has a pin-on design that stays and will not easily fall off. At around $30, this pack of ten fob watches is a steal.


  • Changeable silicon cover
  • Arabic numeral markers
  • Comes in a black velvet gift bag


  • High priced



WIOR Nurse Lapel Pin Hanging Medical Doctor Pocket Watch

Even male nurses can use this elegantly designed fob watch. Made of top-grade, rose-colored alloy, it is resistant to some water splashes but not ideal for swimming. It has a sturdy clasp that completely closes around the pin. The analog display is easy to read with the clear numbers and large hands.


  • Unisex
  • Easy pin-on design
  • Quartz movement


  • The pin is not sharp enough


Women’s’ Mens’ Heart Steel Crystal Nurses Pocket Fob Watches

Made with precise Japanese movement, this fob quartz watch is made for both men and women. However, some men find the heart design too feminine. But overall, it has a vintage and classy look that conveys nobility and dignity. It has a clear dial face and military time that is very handy.


  • Precision Japanese quartz movement
  • Unisex
  • Has military time


  • The design is too feminine for men



Lorus Professional Unisex Lumibrite Nurses Fob Watch

This unisex fob watch has a solid and sturdy build. It has numbers printed on the face to help with measuring pulse rates. Its Lumibrite dial lets you see the time even in the dark, ideal for nurses who work the night shifts. It is resistant to water up to 30 meters.


  • 30-meter water resistance
  • Lumibrite dial
  • 15 beat count numbers


  • Hard to read inner numbers



NURWAT Nurses Lapel Silicone Clip-on Fob Brooch Pocket Watch


This pack of ten watches comes with fun and unique designs that will surely brighten up dull uniforms. They are made of silicone covers that are durable and easy to clean. Each fob watch is resistant to water splashes but not recommended for use when bathing or swimming.


  • Pack of 10 watches
  • High precision quality quartz movement
  • Living water-resistant design


  • The gift bag looks cheap



Top Plaza Women’s Girls’ Fashion Floral Nurse Clip-on Fob Brooch Silicone Jelly Hanging Pocket Watch

The Top Plaza fob watches come in several trendy designs to provide cute accent to nurse uniforms. It uses quartz movement to give you precise time. It is made with an alloy case and an easy to clean silicone cover and comes in a pretty velvet gift bag.


  • Quartz movement
  • Silicone covered alloy case
  • Comes with a velvet bag


  • Slightly short



Set of 3 Nurse Watch Brooch Health Care Nurse Doctor Paramedic Medical Brooch Fob Watch

This set of three fob watches uses high-quality quartz movement and has a pin that attaches to your uniform securely. Each watch has pointers that glow in the dark that allows you to tell time even when there is limited lighting. It has a removable casing that can be sterilized and cleaned.


  • Infection control design
  • Glow in the dark pointers
  • Silicone rubber housing


  • Bulky



Kloud City Nurses Clip On Fob Brooch Lapel Silicone Watch

The Kloud City analog fob watch is covered with soft silicone that is bendable so you can see the time better. It has a clear dial with easy to read numbers and additional numbers for measuring pulse rates.  The cover can be removed for easy cleaning.


  • Durable silicone cover
  • White dial with Arabic numerals
  • Quartz movement


  • A bit too small sized



Paramedic Nurses Doctors Nite Glow Luminous Clip on Fob Watch

This clip-on fob watch has a luminous dial that glows in the dark to give you accurate time even in poorly-lit situations. You can securely attach it to your lapel with its carabiner clip that is sure to stay and will not fall off easily.


  • Glow in the dark dial
  • Easy to read second hand
  • Spring-loaded carabiner clip


  • Boring design



In this list of the best nurse fob watches that we made, the clear winner is Lancardo silicon nurses’ lapel pin-on brooch fob watch. It comes in a pack of ten trendy and fully functional watches that you can mix and match with your uniform or outfit. It comes with a very affordable price and high-quality build.

This is our opinion, and of course, it all depends on your preference. All these watches offer amazing features, and so they are all highly recommended.


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